Ceremic Coating


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Now Available - Ceramic Finish!

We offer complete exterior coverage with Ardex Laboratories Tungsten Ceramic Coatings. Call or email today for special pricing to have a superior ceramic finish installed on your vehicle! Our Ardex Certified technicians use an exclusive 8-step process that when cured is more than 3 times harder than the factory finish, while retaining the ability to flex and resist road vibration to match the underlying substrate. 

Unlike many other ceramic coatings, prior to application your vehicle’s original finish is professionally prepped to achieve the highest and most perfect surface possible. It is then covered with up to five layers of Tungsten Ceramic, which becomes another layer of protection for the finish, insulating it for years to come. Unlike many other products, Tungsten Ceramic will not wear off like a wax or paint sealant. Many things can damage your vehicle’s exterior. Tungsten Ceramic provides a shield against all of them. We have Ardex-certified Technicians on staff to professionally install this superior finish on your vehicle.

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"You ain't gotta drive a dirty car no mo!!"